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The Story
Two years ago I noticed that wherever I go I meet a lot more people complaining or worrying about something than people actually doing something about the things they worry about. I know that the things we expose ourselves to affect us. I also know that whatever we expose ourselves to more frequently will eventually have a bigger effect on us.
I started to look at the media with new eyes and realized that even a lot of the stories and images that claim to represent the sunnier side of life have some unhappy or bitter twist to them.

Knowing that music can make us feel good I started to scan my itunes-library for songs that provide some positive views on life or lyrics that are uplifting, motivational or inspirational ...without ifs or buts.
To my surprise I didn't find enough songs that really provided what I was looking for. But something happened: I knew what kind of songs I would be writing from now on and the idea of an album with the title "be the change" was born.

I made a habit out of running to the piano as soon as an idea for a song would pop into my head. To be able to write it down later I captured melodies, chords and lyrics with the memo-function of a discarded mobile phone. Three months later I sang the first of these songs to a bunch of friends at my house. The reactions were so encouraging that I continued writing.

50 concerts, two newspaper articles and two radiointerviews later I'm now just a few weeks away from releasing the first CD with my new Band „BALTHASAR“.

To support this project pre-order the CD or choose one of the other perks listed here.

Thanks a million for your support.

Listen to some of our songs here:

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