» Why these songs? Why in your living-room? The underlying idea

We can choose an infinite number of ways to exist in the world. Interestingly, despite the many choices available, we sometimes use strategies that take us nowhere. 

This can happen over and over again until we choose a new way.
I often ponder this question: How come it takes us so long to become conscious and listen to our intuition?

My thoughts about this question have inspired my music.

The result is a collection of songs that remind us that we can all decide to find our own unique path. Some people might tell us it is safer to stick with tradition and stop dreaming. But that’s not me.

My latest album is called „be the change“. The title is a reminder that change doesn't happen if we just complain or worry. Change happens when we actively and consciously start to shape our own future.

I'd like to encourage you to follow your heart
even if people who mean well tell you not to.

The Big Idea: The time is right for live music to happen in our living rooms again. I play in settings that are so small that it's more like a conversation than like a concert. By inviting friends into your home to enjoy one of my living room concerts you contribute to the creation of something real that happens "right here and right now".

There are some experiences that social media
will never be able to replace.

Powerful music: The process of writing, rehearsing, performing and recording these songs is grounded in a peaceful mindset. The songs are now infused with this inner peace.

My latest album "Be The Change" is available on iTunes and amazon. You can also purchase a hardcopy of the CD including amazing artwork and all lyrics through my onlinestore: balthasar.cards

The rest of the website is only available in German at the moment.

Please get in touch for more information in english.
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I'm looking forward to hearing from you.